Data Security

The Facebook Malware Threat.

Everyone loves the Facebook. You can’t get away from it these days, and with Facebook Q1 revenue reached $1.46 billion, a 38 per cent surge year-on-year, which shows there’s no denying how popular and pervasive the service is. The problem however, especially for businesses, is that Facebook is 200 times more likely to cause malware threats than other social media. 

According to the data security firm Palo Alto Networks, using Facebook in the workplace via your desktop computer and smart devices puts your business at risk of financial, password, and IP leaks.

The video below explains it, and since all the people in it have English accents I’m taking their word for it. Oh and the fact that Palo Alto Networks is a fairly respected data security firm.

“A new study by Palo Alto Network (PAN) has shown people using Facebook at work are unknowingly putting the company at risk by exposing it to ‘invisible malware’ and causing several damages including theft of financial data, intellectual property and employee passwords.”


Be Stupid at Work, Courtesy of Diesel Jeans.

A number of corporations around the world frown on looking at your Facebook or Twitter feeds while on the clock. Most feel that these kinds of sites are a giant time suck, and many have taken steps to block you from using them at work. If you haven’t been blocked, and the corporate policy is to simply refrain from visiting during office hours, Diesel Jeans have come to the rescue.

This the latest digital campaign from Diesel, appropriately named “Be Stupid At Work”. The campaign centers around a desktop application called the “Excellbook”, which is built on Adobe Air, and loads your Facebook feed into something that looks like an Excel spreadsheet. The Facebook application is called Diesel’s Excellbook and it allows you to read your updates as well as post to your wall, comment, and like things.

The concept isn’t new. There have been all sorts of things that allow you to hit a key on your computer and load an image of a spread sheet or a document as the boss walks by hiding your browser from view. What is great about this campaign from Diesel is the fact that they have integrated it into the most popular Social Network in the world, and they have blended the advertising component so seamlessly.