Technology Monday. “LikeBelt”, Real World “Likes” from your Smartphone.

For some time now I have been saying NFC will overtake things like QR codes as more Android handsets ship with built in NFC readers. Hopefully the next gen iPhone will have a built in NFC reader as well. When that happens, we will have reached the tipping point. Here is a great example of why I think NFC has a huge future with smart phone users.

“LikeBelt”, developed by Deeplocal, have created a prototype android app,that allows you to like physical, real objects. “Likes” are triggered by reading RFID chips embedded in real-world items which are read by NFC enabled Android phones. Those “Likes” show up on your favorite social network (who might I be talking about?). The LikeBelt terminology is a bit odd but if you can get past it, and the weird sexual thrusting, you can see the potential here.

“Deck the Screens” deeplocal’s Holiday App.

Since Christmas is just two weeks away I thought I would post a little holiday cheer for this Monday morning.

“Deck the Screens” is a holiday application that works across any internet connected device, Smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. The application works by letting you string Christmas lights across the devices where they blink on and off in sequence. A simple but very fun little concept from deeplocal.

So, gather up all the people around you and set up a little Christmas light show.