Fly Delta for the iPad.

As more and more companies try to invent ways of being a more relevant brand experience for their customer base, many are looking to lifestyle branding as a solution. 10 years ago Delta Airlines would have leveraged itself as a “services” brand highlighting things like the least amount of delays, on time record, more cities than any other airline, etc. With the launch of the new iPad Fly Delta app, it seems fairly apparent they want to be seen as a lifestyle brand by connecting with you, the savvy travel before, during, and after your trip.

The new app not only helps you book your flight and check in, it also makes suggestions for entertainment, dining, and shopping. It connects all of the top social networks and makes intelligent recommendations for you based on your posts, checkins, and what your friends are saying and doing. The app itself looks pretty good, although I’m not sure it will change that many peoples brand perception of Delta.

One big question is, how do you use it on the flight if your plane doesn’t have WiFi?

Touch the Future of Travel. Razor Fish and Delta Airlines.

This is probably something I’ll never personally experience since I rarely fly first class, or gain access to the VIP lounge at any venue. None the less the technology in combination with environment is solid way of promoting Delta airlines.

Razor Fish has developed a highly interactive experience for Delta at the newly renovated Madison Square Garden in New York. “Touch the Future of Travel” utilizes touch screen monitors, and interactive travel applications to help those lucky enough to be in the VIP lounge discover new destinations, with curated content from around the globe.

The touch screens encourage users to interact by adding phrases, photos, and comments, which trigger travel recommendations for the future.  When you are finished browsing, all of the recommendations can be transferred to your smart phone by simply scanning a QR code that appears on screen. Along with seamless connectivity to your phone, Razor Fish built in Social Networking features that allow you to share your experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

While I might not ever experience this in person, what is shown in the video looks like a solid example of using technology to create an extended experience that keeps the Delta brand relevant to their target customer base. It also helps to extend brand reach across multiple social channels beyond the VIP venue at Madison Square Garden. It’ll be interesting to see if Delta installs this same kind of lounge at other venues around the world in the future.