Danish Modern – The Danish Chair

I have always loved Danish Modern furniture. It is a love affair that began when I was a kid, probably because my mother loved it and she used to take me with her to places like “House of Denmark” when she was window shopping or dreaming of what her house could look like.

The three videos below are from Marius VaitkeviciusThe Danish Chair” project and they are a wonderful breakdown of the history and styling of Danish Modern furniture and applied functionalism. They are informative and feature a great stylistic approach showcasing what you can achieve with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Great production value, a solid story, attention to detail, what more could you ask for?

Each one is about 2 minutes in length so they are easy to digest. It’s Monday, and lunch time somewhere. Take a few minutes and relax while learning about the influence of Danish Modern on the world.

“Sol og Måne” a Danish Stop Motion Lullaby.

I’m a little over the stop motion animation thing these days. It just seems like it has saturated every media outlet and no one is really pushing the boundaries with it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like any of it, it just means I’m a little bored with it. Occasionally however, you find an example that stands out for one reason or another. I like the video below. It’s a Danish lullaby, “Sol og Måne” created by Cris Wiegandt and My cool twin, featuring nice use of stop motion animated paper, and foam combined with digital elements for the mouths and eyes.

Timber from Julian Kyhl.

Danish designer Julian Kyhl has dsigned built a table made from 10 simple wooden elements. The table uses no bolts, screws or fasteners to hold it together. All of the elements are bound by their own weight and the finely crafted joinery used. This is an absolutely gorgeous representation of woodworking at it’s finest.

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