Design Education

Elements of Design Animated.

The video below is a really well done animation by   that illustrates the foundational properties of visual design. All the things that are taught in beginning design classes are represented with fluid, smooth transitions, and visual precision. My only problem is at the very end of the piece when Greenwood says, “Design is not science”, “Just move things around until they feel right”. My problem with this is, while design might not be a science, it definitely has rules that designers follow in order to effectively communicate. Rules that Greenwood incorporates throughout his 50 second animation. He might have moved things around until they felt right, but something tells me he was subconsciously incorporating rules that apply to each section of the animation. None the less, it’s a really nice looking animated short, and one that required quite a bit of skill to execute.


The Design of Service and Education.

It’s Friday and I am rendering a rather large video which has my Mac tied up for the next 30 minutes. So, what do I do when rendering video? I look for inspiration on the internet. This morning I found “The Design of Service and Education” from the folks at Gestalten. It features the founder of IDEO, Bill Moggridge, and is worth a watch.

As founder of the legendary Silicon Valley-based design company IDEO and current director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC, Bill Moggridge surely knows a thing or two about the value, function, and importance of design. met the man who designed the first ever laptop to realize why today’s increasing services are a design opportunity, to discover the richness of variety of the Cooper-Hewitt’s historical collection, and to learn why design in the US still needs to get more recognition.