20 Rules. The H-57 Commandments for Designers.

Milan creative studio H-57’s staff set out earlier this year to create a set of rules, or guidelines to determine what guides them every day. The fact is that most of these could be applied to any occupation.

To create the poster, the H-57 crew determined their personal guidelines, drew them on paper, cut them out, and glued them to a sheet of cardboard. Then the entire sheet was converted to what you see below.

In the end, these rules are what really should guide us every single day.


Designers You Should Follow on Twitter.

Back in 2007, designer David Airey posted a list of in his opinion the top designers to follow on Twitter. As any designer knows, inspirations and visual stimulus is something that is almost as valuable as currency. One thing Twitter doesn’t do well is visuals, but the links those designers provide on a daily basis, can provide invaluable stimulus on so many levels.

As this new decade begins I went back and looked at his original list, and added a couple of my own to it.

@Hicksdesign provides a sampling of cheese fetishism and design product commentary with generous helpings of design examples in new media, print and handmade crafts. Tweets from the United Kingdom artist and gentleman point to a popular blog at

@thecatat7 tweets from exotic Bangkok, Thailand about an array of design topics such as therapeutic lawn mowing and great books. The artsy feline has a special interest in stopping designers from doing free work for clients as a way to be hired. Read her blog here and keep up with the “nospec” movement by following @nospec on Twitter.

@chadMueller is a freelance designer based out of Ontario, Canada. Mueller has an ear to the ground for web and graphic design trends and his blog at is not only informative but also a work of art unto itself.

@DesignerDepot writes a compelling feed from the comfort of Vancouver, Canada. The interactive tweets point to Walter Apai’s blog that features web-design ideas and tutorials. Skip reading it at your peril, as more than 75,000 of your colleagues are subscribed via RSS feed.

@smashingmag is a clear leader in the world of web design. Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, updates the magazine’s Twitter account with interesting intellectual links concerning topics ranging from game theory to celebrity news to eBooks. Read the magazine’s blog here.

@zinni Anthony J. Zinni is a globe-trotting graphic artist for new and traditional media alike. Based in Chicago, Illinois, he approaches each design project as a chance to shape the brand experience for his clients. Zinni liberally shares his knowledge of the craft on his blog at

@designobserver is the main feed for The Design Observer Group, which provides timely information on graphic design job openings, articles about design and even environmental stewardship. A blog of the same name provides similar content in an extended format.

@zeldman Jeffrey Zeldman is author of Designing With Web Standards and founder of a handful of businesses. His “twitterific” feed draws on his many years of experience in the design business to provide treats such as his favorite New York City locations. Find the must-read blog at

@markboulton President of Mark Boulton Design and co-founder of Five Simple Steps, this Welsh artist features up-to-the-minute technology news on his Twitter feed. On Boulton’s blog, the pro’s passion for design goodwill projects is apparent. One of his faves, The Noun Project, is an ongoing effort started to create a universal pictorial language.

@creativecurio doesn’t update her Twitter feed as often as some of her more prolific colleagues, but the instructional advice she offers is worth the wait. Many tweets link to the artist’s blog at, where you can find everything from gold lettering tips to Adobe InDesign hints and lessons on color theory.

@vpieters This Belgian designer and founder of Duoh! Colorlover is an avid bicycler overflowing with design talent. She has a knack for providing just the right amount of detail, both in pictures and prose. Read Veerle’s blog here to see the art apologist’s all-encompassing take on design.

@core77 tweets about the latest in industrial-design news plus designer jobs and commentary on consumer electronics. The 15-year-old blog highlighted by the Twitter feed is a great place to find information on design competitions, lectures, parties and exhibits in the New York City area.

@TrulyAceDesign is written by an industry pro based out of Birmingham, UK. The illustrator is a favorite to win the “how low can you go” design contest that asks artists to provide their worst, cheekiest work for an imaginary client. Check out the artist’s blog for a sampling of her best work.

@justcreative New Yorker Jacob Cass is a jack of all illustrative trades whose praise of his brothers and sisters in design is more than generous. Read the feed and visit the accompanying blog for design stories, intellectual forays into the emotional pull of logos and how-to lessons, among other things.

@designbloguk Tara Roskell is a very conversational tweet artist with links to an array of imaginative design solutions, such as furniture that doubles as exercise equipment, a non-electric ceramic amplifier for smartphones and a stool seat made out of melted sawdust and grocery bags. Her design blog features innovative products and highlights other.

@Laughing Lion is a designer, teacher and photographer based in Ireland. The talented Renaissance woman runs a tight Twitter ship that links to great examples of graphics, free fonts and designer news. Check out Jennifer Farley’s blog here for the latest and greatest.

@swisslegacy is a feed created under the initiative of designer Xavier Encinas that focuses on typography, graphic design and inspiration. The feed and accompanying blog feature a Swiss gift guide and contain links to the work of his favorite artists.

@grainedit has a conversational tweeting style that links to graphic artists’ content sites and miscellaneous goodies such as favorites for gift giving. Coming out of Oakland, California, the blog features commentary and samples of the best graphic creations to be found.

@SamanthaToy is last but far from least in our compilation of top graphic design social networkers. Based near Washington, D.C., Samantha Warren is a web design artist who blogs about culture and typography on a beautiful fuchsia and maroon website.