Curvy, Sexy, Continue, Desk.

In the last 5 years I have pretty much gone paperless. I mean that, I have a desk with drawers and there is nothing in them. I’m not saying that I don’t ever use paper, I sketch and draw out concepts the old-fashioned way to get started. I just don’t keep a whole lot of paper items around. That might be one of the reasons I love this desk by Ontario College of Art & Design student Francesco Angiulli.

Recently exhibited during the Interior Design Show 2011 in Toronto the Continue Desk, is a curvy sexy drawerless desk that exemplifies that minimalist ideal of needing no paper.  I could see this with nothing more than my iPad or laptop sitting on it, paired with a classic Eames Aluminum Management chair ( the original with 4 legs not 5).

The Boundary Desk, by Felix de Pass.

I am looking for an office desk. I have been for sometime, and I haven’t pulled the trigger because I haven’t found anything that really does it for me. The Boundary desk by Felix de Pass might just do the trick though.

This multi-functional desk is designed for both home and office use. The desk is constructed from a single piece of extruded aluminum that dovetails into a single fitting that connects all of the pieces for easy assembly. In addition the extruded frame hides all cables and power cords from your shiny gadgets from view which is a definite plus. The desk also offers optional drawers and privacy screens allowing the unit to be adjusted for different users, and office settings.

More over, the desk just looks cool. Especially with the color drawers and filing systems attached.