Digital Content

Reactive Digital Perspectives 2013.

It’s always interesting to get a digital agencies predictions for emerging and continuing trends. A friend of mine emailed me this morning with the latest predictions from Reactive. The slideshare deck below covers everything from shoppable video content to experience design, and all digital spaces in between. It is a pretty interesting take on the shape of the digital content world now, and a fairly solid indicator of where it is headed into the future. If you are a designer, content creator, marketer, or anyone involved with digital content and how it’s delivered, this is worth looking at.


Condé Nast – Editorialist

Condé Nast is probably one of the best publishers of magazines for digital devices like your tablet or phone. They have embraced the technology and taken full advantage of  extensive interactive components that make their publications more immersive. Like any other publisher of content in todays world they are not free from the effects of a public trained to gather all their content for free online.

At Future Lions 2013 competition in Cannes this year, one of the winners was an idea presented for Condé Nast to keep the publisher relevant in an ever changing digital content world. The winner for Condé Nast’s magazine portfolio was actually something rather simple, and quite compelling. Part Flipboard, part Utne reader. It is a Condé Nast app that allows readers to select their favorite articles from any Condé Nast magazine, and then build your own monthly publication that brings all of your favorites together in one space for a monthly fee. This is something that publishers should latch on to.

Print and Interactive Merge Thanks to “Layar”.

For some time now, print and interactive have been merging. Print is far from dead, but interactive content, especially via smartphones is making deeper inroads into our daily lives. Layar is a start up that has created a rather painless way for print publishers to develop digital content that supplements the printed page via their Layar Creator.

The video does a good job of showing off some of the possibilities of what the software does, but the last 30 seconds are the sweet spot. It shows the software in use as a page is marked up for interactive content. The software is available for a test drive on the Layar website, and if you are a publisher of printed content it might be worth your time to check it out.