Digital Kitchen

LAX’s Bradley International + Digital Kitchen = Wow.

I love to travel, but I hate being stuck in the airport waiting for a flight. I think it’s because most airport terminals feel dirty, transient, uncomfortable, and uninviting. It is the nature of a space that has so many people pass through it on a daily basis. LAX depending on where you are, can be horrid, or great. The Bradley International terminal is a space that for the most part isn’t that bad, and now thanks to Digital Kitchen might be much better. The video below showcases the amazing work Digital Kitchen created, blending Story, Sculpture, and Brand into an inviting and evocative experience.

“For the epic digital landscape in LAX’s new Bradley International Terminal, we created engaging content at the intersection of sculpture, story and brand.”

2011 Modular4 Design Top 10. The Readers Choice List.

As the 2011 year rolls to a close in a few hours, I thought I would post a design wrap up for 2011. The list below are the top 10 design posts on my blog for the year. These posts represent the highest number of page views related to the “Art and Design” Category. Some of them I understand, others not so much. None the less this is the list, the readers choice in a manner of speaking. If you had a fave that didn’t make the list, post a comment and let me know what your fave was.

1. Design Friday. The Color of Gulf Racing.

2. Wacom Bamboo Stylus for the iPad.

3. Digital Kitchen’s Immersive Cosmopolitan Experience.

4. Ross Berens’ Planets.

5. American Express Augmented Reality Talking Gift Tags.

6. Porsche Designed Highrise Has a Car Elevator That Takes You and Your Car Home.

7. I’m Lusting after Porsche RS Bikes.

8. The ESFlow Is a Whole Lotta Go.

9. iPad Letterpress.

10. Brionvega Algol Portable TV. A Classic Reborn.

Digital Kitchen’s Immersive Cosmopolitan Experience.

I’m not a Las Vegas guy. I’ve been a bunch of times for both work and pleasure, and I have to say, 90 percent of it leaves me cold. It is a crowded sensory overload, which is for the most part filled with idiots in Ed Hardy shirts, who think they are much cooler than they really are.

There are things about Vegas that I like. But most of it just makes me long for the days when going to Vegas had a certain element of sophistication and swank. It’s entirely possible that I want a Vegas that never really existed, the “Old School Vegas” portrayed in movies. None the less the new VIP Lounge, Bottle Service, Over Priced, To Much Fake Money, Vegas just doesn’t do it for me. I might however have to go back so that I can check out the Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan’s interior and exterior facing spaces were designed by the folks at Digital Kitchen, with an emphasis on merging art, film, and interactive experiences into a singular upscale space. From the look of these videos, the experience is pretty impressive, and would be worth a look. Maybe I could fly into Vegas, go to the Cosmopolitan, check it out and then drive straight to El Trovar lodge at the Grand Canyon.