Digital Storytelling

The Light in the Dark

It’s generally been a crappy week for a lot of people in the world. hurricane’s, monsoon’s, wild fires, nut job dictators launching missiles, political crap, economic collapse, and so much more. Unfortunately, that’s life, and while we can’t change it, we can at least accept the fact that things get better. It’s Wednesday afternoon and I just watched a really wonderful animation that was written by Hannah Maschoff, directed and animated by Eli Guillou, about loss, and moving forward. Shine a little light into your afternoon and enjoy the story and visuals.

Projection Mapping Done Right, for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This is one of the best projection mapping experiences I’ve seen in a long time. Why, because it has staying power. Because it isn’t some expensive one off that gets thrown up on the side of a building to hock a soft drink at a marketing event masquerading as a festival. This has replay power. This shows how digital content can be used, and transformed for each Cavaliers game to enhance the overall experience, promote the brand, build excitement, and draw a crowd. More importantly the way this is being used, it can evolve overtime, so a larger story can emerge over the course of an entire season. Way to go Quince Imaging and the Cleveland Cavaliers.