Digital Trends

15 Digital Trends for 2015

As 2014 draws to a close and 2015 rapidly approaches people are beginning to look at trends for the upcoming year. Below is an infographic from Bell Pottinger that predicts 15 digital trends for 2015. The infographic is marketing focused, but has some really interesting facts in it that will ultimately impact everyone whether you work in marketing and advertising or not. Things that jumped out at me were “Blog posts with visuals drive 180% more engagement on your site”, “NFC saw a 358% increase in use over the 2014 year”, and “Businesses with Blogs increased by 41% with the blog generating 67% more site traffic per month”.

Bell Pottinger Digital - 15 trends for 2015 infographic


Reactive Digital Perspectives 2013.

It’s always interesting to get a digital agencies predictions for emerging and continuing trends. A friend of mine emailed me this morning with the latest predictions from Reactive. The slideshare deck below covers everything from shoppable video content to experience design, and all digital spaces in between. It is a pretty interesting take on the shape of the digital content world now, and a fairly solid indicator of where it is headed into the future. If you are a designer, content creator, marketer, or anyone involved with digital content and how it’s delivered, this is worth looking at.

Soap Creatives Digital Trend Predictions for 2013.

The future is a tricky hing to predict. If futurist were right 50 years go, we’d all commute to work in flying cars by now. None the less the folks at Soap Creative have released a slide share deck with their predictions for 2013’s digital trends. Below are 13 predictions that cover everything from crowd funding to what is being dubbed eCommerce 2.0. Some things are pretty obvious like the continued rise of 3D printing, some are just emerging like stores tailoring specials/marketing to you based on how you use your smartphone. It’s worth the five or so minutes it takes to read.