Thinking Things Through. Planning Things Out. Motel 6 “Room to Room”.

Most of the time when you see a well produced TV spot, you don’t think about what it takes to pull it off. The visuals are engaging and you are entertained for 30 seconds and you move on. Recently Motel 6 launched a new spot “Room to Room”. The live action spot is deceptively complex, the previsualization video showing the making of shows just how complex, and how well thought out this spot is. The blend of Live action and post VFX work is really well done, and goes to show how much went into the production of this spot for Motel 6’s 50th anniversary. Directed by King & Country the spot was designed to highlight renovations without appearing to intrusive to guests. To pull it off King & Country uses a series of “in-the-nick-of-time’ gags” to keep things visually interesting and engaging. The characters are oblivious to the changes as the camera catches them happening right before they interact with the rooms, so we don’t give the impression that renovations are ongoing. This shows off all that a full-service studio does, from concepting and planning, directing and editorial, to animation, VFX and finishing.

Monday Inspiration on Tuesday. “Why Do We Create”.

WordPress can be a frustration beast at times, especially when you are trying to embed video. Then again, today is my Monday since I was traveling yesterday, so maybe it’s just a case of user error.

Anyway, the image below links to a video on Adobe’s Inspire Magazine website. The video is about “Why We Create”, and since today is my Monday this post is Monday Inspiration on Tuesday.

Why do we do it, how does it work, why does it matter? A broad range of creative professionals — including designers, actors, artists, and ad-men — reflect on the creative process. Why do you create?