BlackMath’s Mixed Media Animation for Disconnect.me.

Boston based BlackMath always produced top notch video and animation work. Recently they produced a piece for Disconnect.me that has been getting a lot of playtime on the internet. I’m loving their latest piece for Disconnect.me is because they combine stop motion with CGI in a way that doesn’t feel all stop motiony (I know, I know, “motiony” is not a real word). More often than not folks doing stop motion animation feel as though they have to throw in a bunch of post effects and make it feel vintage. The video below and the making of video show how good BlackMath is, and how much work goes into making something like this. Below both is my micro rant about the old timey look. I placed it at the bottom so you can skip it if you want.

I’ve talked about this before, the insertion of gate weave, frame judder, noise, dust, vignetting, etc. The thing is, it usually takes away from the piece, and the ambiance that is being created represents technology that anyone under the age of 30 has probably never experienced in real life. In my opinion, stop motion video works best when it feels fluid and seamless. Like it was created in 2013, not 1930.