Disney Land

Friday Inspiration. Carlos Santana Surf Photography.

Here is a little Friday afternoon eye candy and inspiration.

22 year old Carlos Santana is a newer addition to the Southern California surf photography scene, but I have a feeling he is going to be huge. Take note of his name, check out his photos, and watch the inspiring video below. For a kid that didn’t even see the ocean until he was 7 (he grew up in the LA area) his images of the surf are breath taking.

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Tilt Shift Me at Disney Land, Paris.

Tilt-Shift is one of those photo techniques that has been really hot with still photographers for some time now. Lately I have seen a few video pieces that incorporate tilt-shift, but usually the end result is mediocre. It probably has something to do with the subject matter. A tilt-shifted Toyota just doesn’t work.

This commercial for Disney Land Paris, does work however. Shot under the direction of Céranne Gantzer, Disney Land is transformed into a miniature world, and the tilt shift effect heightens the magical feeling that Disney Land is supposed to give you. The saturated color, the re-timed frame rate, the shallow focus all lend themselves so well to this video piece.