Elvis DNA Sound. The King Rises Again.

What a fantastic idea. You use the genetic code of someones DNA to create music. What a great advertising idea. You use Elvis Presley’s DNA to create a new composition and then seed that to other musicians asking them to create a completely new song based on it. That is exactly what Grey Brasil did for Rolling Stone magazine. The video below explains the process, and gives a bit of information about the results of the campaign at the end.

Working with Stewart Mitchell from East Lothian Grey Brasil used a single strand of Elvis’ hair to sequence his DNA. The code from the hair was translated into a MIDI track that was then fed into a more robust music application where the actual musical composition was generated. The whole process is as far as I’m concerned a hell of a lot more fascinating than the ad. to hear all of the compositions created from Elvis’ DNA click here to go to the dedicated website.


More Design DNA+

When I was digging around for the DNA+ towel holder I came across another irresistible piece of design from these guys.

Iseelite is a modern reading lamp/flashlight constructed of brushed aluminum and features an integrated digital LED clock. The lamp uses rare earth magnets to create a cord free aesthetic without giving up functionality by allowing the light to snap back into position. I really like the idea of having the light as a detachable unit that can be used as a flashlight as well. I have a thing for secondary uses and functionality in design, and this is a simple elegant way to extend the function of this product.

Iseelite is turned on and off with a simple swipe of the hand, and it is available with an optional dimmer switch so you can customize your lighting level. Once again you can find out more at the DNA+ website.

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Spending my Money on Good Design.

A couple of days ago we got the final bids on the bath remodel, and this time it looks like we will really begin the bath overhaul. Seriously, all the parts and pieces are in and our contractor is ready to go as soon as we sign off.

One item that I want to replace but hadn’t found something I like yet was towel holders. This morning though, that changed. Actually I found a whole bunch of stuff that I want to buy, but is going to have to wait until we remodel bath number two. Anyway, what I found is the TP-H1 toilet paper + towel holder + shelf from DNA +. I’m not so much interested in using this as a toilet paper holder, but simply as a towel holder with a hook for something like a robe.

I love the minimalist look, the simple angular shape, and how the main structure of the shelf/holder is made from a white composite material in a single fluid piece.  The design function is equal to the overall form, and materials. Such an overall simple shape, but so interesting at the same time.

At $480.00 it isn’t cheap, but what I’ve found out is nothing for a bathroom remodel ever is.