Do the Green Thing

Bucketboard’s Do the Green Thing.

This is a great little short video that was commissioned by  Do the Green Thing and World Wildlife Fund-UK for part of the “Everyday Things” collection. The collection features 15 artists from around the world that are asked to take everyday objects and repurpose them in a useful way and show how creativity can lead the way in encouraging people to live a greener lifestyle. The video is pretty self explanatory about how Bucketboard was born and did just that. Aside from the great cause, cool product, and greener world, this video  is an editing treat. Lots of cuts and retimed clips that help set and keep the pace through out the the 2 and a half minute short.

Shot and directed by Mac Premo
Edited by Ann Lupo
Production team: Pete Treiber, Adrianna Dufay and Divya Gadangi
Sound design by Mac Premo and Ann Lupo
Sound mixed, mastered and greatly enhanced by Luciano Vignola
Shot in Leucadia, Encinitas and Carlsbad, California on location at Sanford Shapes