I love my dogs, and I love playing with them, but even at age 8 Cosmo can be a little demanding. The Rat Terrier in him wants to play fetch for hours. He would play until I couldn’t throw the ball anymore. I always feel a bit guilty, because the high strung little guy really needs a ton of exercise and stimulation. This is where iFetch comes in.

The iFetch is an automatic pet toy that allows your dog play fetching ball by itself. It’s pretty simple. Plug it in or load it with batteries, turn it on, drop the iFetch balls in the back, and watch your dog chase them down. With a bit of training, and depending on your dogs aptitude, your dog can learn to load iFetch themselves.

iFetch is designed for small to medium sized dogs, and uses special miniature tennis balls that are about an inch and a half in diameter. The robotic ball launcher offers up 3 distance settings as well to accommodate the size of your space, and your pups exercise needs. iFetch can be set for 10, 20, or 30 foot launch distances. iFetch also has a standby mode which keeps the device on, quietly waiting for your dog to drop a ball in the hoop and wake it for a play session.

The video below shows it in action.

I’M 8.

Today marks the 8th birthday of my dog Cosmo. Every year on his birthday I post a little birthday tribute for said pooch in honor of him adding another dog year to his life, and giving me another year of happiness and companionship. So Cosmo, here’s to you. Happy Birthday. I raise a Jerky Treat in your honor. Using the Pedigree Dog Age Calculator, Cosmo is 48ish in human years for his breed and size.


Love Him Like You Love Yourself. Biocanina’s Latest Print Campaign.

They say that dogs and their owners tend to look alike. This print campaign from Biocanina plays off of that thinking with a subtle and simple approach, combining a single tag line with a clever image. The copy “Love Him Like You Love Yourself” makes a clear point when combined with imagery that plays off of the emotional connection pet owners have with their furry friends. Created by Paris agency Leg, this is sure to be a winner.






The Guardian asks, “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun?”

Just under two months ago the Guardian launched a new campaign for their Life & Style site. The camping focuses on running and is built around a series of images of dogs tied to the question “Shouldn’t your run be this much fun”. Visually this is a home run as far as I’m concerned  It’s hard for anyone to not stop and look at a photo of a dog that is completely happy beyond belief.

guardian 2

Produced by BBH for the Guardian, the ads create a winning approach in a crowded market place by considering why we run in the first place rather than bombard readers with facts and figures. They also made a bold move by stepping away from pro-athlete endorsements or by claiming to be the authority on running. Instead they simply imply that running could make you this happy, and tie it to a well informed website that hosts a stream of running content with light social hooks for engagement.


guardian 3

Diesel Dogs in Sunglasses.

What better way to start your work week off than a video of dogs wearing sunglasses? Hmmm, right now I can’t think of one, so here is a video from Diesel Eyewear featuring dogs wearing sunglasses shot in slow motion on a Phantom Flex.  Directed by Tim Main & Joseph Dixon, this effects laden online spot is a nice piece of visual eye candy for your Monday morning.