“The Lion City”. A Time Lapse Video of Signapore.

When tilt shift video is done right it looks amazing. Here is a short time lapse video from  entitled “The Lion City”. The film was shot in Singapore, and does an amazing job of capturing the architecture, and bustling transportation the city is known for.   The video was shot on Nikon and Canon HDSLRs  with a moderate sized crew. If you get a chance, take the time to watch his other tilt shift films. Keith Loutit has the technique down, and the final results are worth watching.

Olympus OMD EM-5 + Canon 5D MkII + After Effects + a Stunning Piece of Architecture = Impressive.

Yesterday morning my friend Tim and I went down to the amazing Kauffman Preforming Arts Center in Kansas City to shoot some test footage with the Olympus OMD EM-5. In the process Tim shot footage with his Canon 5D Mk II, and the idea of doing a little comparison was born.

All the footage in the video below was hand held. Both cameras were shooting at 1080p with the same ISO, frame rates, and exposure settings. What you will see is there is some camera shake. Its inherent in hand held footage without a steady rig of some kind. What you will also see is how well the OMD’s 5 axis image stabilization system works.

All of the 5D footage was stabilized in post using After Effects Warp Stabilizer. Less than half of the OMD EM-5’s footage was.The Warp Stabilizer was used to reduce camera shake, and to eliminate rolling shutter in some of the horizontal pans across the building.

Now can you tell which footage is from the Canon 5D MkII, and which is from the Olympus OMD EM-5?

Neenah Paper, The Beauty of Engraving.

I work for a company that makes most of it’s money from producing ink on paper products. One of the things that I have learned over the years of working where I do, is that printing is a much more complex job than most people think. And engraving, is one of the most complex types of printing you can do. Quality engraving is an art form. It really is.

The Beauty of Engraving” is a website from Neenah Paper that is dedicated to this storied printing process. The site focuses on the CRANE paper line, which has been in production since 1873. The site is worth checking out for the examples of work that have been submitted. There are some really stunning high quality pieces here.

The video below is a short film that highlights the engraving process, and once again I am astounded by the quality of the video production here. With all the advances in cameras, DSLR’s, video editing, and post production software things just keep getting better. This kind of promotional film would have cost an arm and a leg to produce just a few years ago. It would have required a large crew, and the look probably wouldn’t have been this good.

Oh and watch this all the way to the end. The end titles reveal some nice info about the press, and printing company.

Monday Inspiration. Zacuto’s Great Camera Shootout.

Below are two interesting films from camera accessory maker Zacuto. They are from the “Great Camera Shootout” for 2012, and folks the results are really interesting. In the audience is Francis Ford Coppola, along with a number of other industry pros. They were shown eight short films each shot with a different camera and then asked to choose the best of the eight. They were not told in advance which cameras were used on each film.

The cameras used in the shootout included a Panasonic GH2, Sony F65, Red Epic, Canon C300 and Arri Alexa. The price range goes from less than a grand for the GH2 to around $75,000 for the Sony F65. Now here is the the kicker, that GH2 won. It is chosen more by this group of pros than any other camera. So does this mean it is a better camera than the F65? not necessarily. What it does mean is that the technology is getting so good, that in the right hands, a small crew can get some seriously amazing results. I continue to say this, and I will repeat it as long as I can breath. The gear you use will not make you more talented, it only helps improve the end result of your work. If you have the skills you can create magic even with an enthusiast level camera.

Watch these and be inspired. The industry is changing and you can make some magic too.