Madmen Illustrated.

I’m a huge fan of the TV show Madmen. I still have last season on my DVR so I can watch episodes at my leisure this winter and have a little Madmen fix when I need it. So last night while cruising through Amazon I discovered this.

Mad Men: The Illustrated World, by Dyna Moe

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This fun illustrated paperback takes a look at the culture of the ’60s through the lens of the hit AMC show Madmen, offering up important information like drink recipes, women’s hairstyle tips, appetizer menus, and, as an added bonus, paper cutout dolls of everyone’s favorite office manager, Mrs. Joan Harris. The illustrations are great. If you have done the Madmen Yourself on Facebook, or seen any of the Madmen desktop wallpapers for your computer, then you are familiar with Dyna Moe’s style. At $8.50 on Amazon, it’s a must have for the die-hard Madmen fan.

I Want a Real Apple TV Solution.

apple TVFor sometime I have been waffling on the idea of getting an Apple TV. I love the idea of what it is, and more over I love the idea of what it could be. My biggest issue with it has always been 2 sided.

First it doesn’t have a cable card or TV tuner of any kind in it. Second there is no DVR functionality. These are must have’s for me. I understand Apple’s mind set on this, they don’t want you to watch and record for free what they have for sale on the iTunes store. This makes sense on some levels, they are a for profit business after all. The kicker for me is this, by adding these two features in, you get a closed loop. I would have all my media running through Apple hardware to my wide screen LCD TV. This thinking could also be applied to the Mac Mini but I doubt Apple will ever do it.

I just don’t get why Apple isn’t looking to build a media PC when it seems like a no brainer. The idea of having a computer plus iTunes, plus DVR, plus a direct connection to live broadcast all of which is connected to the net seems so natural. Especially for light computer use and entertainment purposes. If

Apple were to marry these systems together then they control 90 percent of the pieces. Much the same way they do with the current iPhone, AT&T partnership.

Unfortunately it probably isn’t going to happen at any time soon. During a recent meeting with Caris & Company analysts, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer dispelled speculation that the company would soon add DVR or other cable box-like functionality to the Apple TV. AppleInsider reports that Oppenheimer said the idea of adding live TV recording or other cable integration features doesn’t fit into Apple’s business plan. Oppenheimer’s comments follow a separate report from The Loop stating that a rumored Apple TV refresh would not be part of the September 9th media event.