II don’t mind ironing clothes. For the most part it’s actually rather relaxing, when I take the time to do it. I say “When”, because I don’t do it that often. My ironing board like most on the market is an antiquated design that dates back to the 19th century. So Why hasn’t anyone stepped up to make the “E-Board”?

Designed by Moshen Jafari Malek, this thing looks like a winner. It has features that make ironing easier, and are updated for the 21st century. E-Board has five components that adapt to the clothing you are ironing, whether it’s a shirt, pair of pants dress, or in the case of my grandmother, the sheets. The board features a central control knob that allows you to split the board up for easy ironing of pants and wings out the sides for sleeves, rotate the surface so you can flip it over to do the other side without removing the garment. It has everything you need, hanger stand, iron holder, Small footprint, I want this.