“Building Social Brands” Slideshare and a Free eBook.

As social media has become a marketing and branding powerhouse in the last decade, for many there is a general belief that if you build it, they will come. That social media is the marketing panacea that will make your brand a standout in the marketplace. The truth is, it’s far more difficult than you think, and there are rules of engagement with your target audience that will help build your social brand.

Below is a really solid SlideShare presentation on the key building blocks of a social brand. In it you’ll find great information from the guys at WeAreSocial, about how brands drive conversation, building digital communities, adding value to conversation, going mobile, and much more. There is a link on slide 3 to download the free eBook that accompanies this deck as well. Or if you just want to download the book and skip the deck you can get it here.


The Frankenweenie iBook Promotion is Electrifying.

At the end of the day, the new Frankenweenie iPad interactive book is really a big ad for Disney’s upcoming movie release. With that said, it is one of the best ad wrapped in an iBook experiences I’ve seen in a while. The content is engaging and relevant to the film. It gets the audience hyped about the film beyond anything standard broadcast and print ads could do, and it’s really fun. When was the last time you could say and advertisement was fun, or memorable, or something you would want to keep around and look at later? I could see this kind of rich storytelling experience becoming a new trend in promotional advertising. Especially since the content can be updated repeatedly through out the life cycle of the film.

Get it here: http://iTunes.com/Frankenweenie