Efrain E. Velez

“Olithas” Landscape Forms Floating Beauty.

A few years ago while walking along the Missouri River Front Trail I discovered a series of benches from Landscape Forms. Ever since then I have been a huge fan of their design work for both public and private spaces. This afternoon  I had an email in my inbox for one of their newest designs, “Olithas“.


Designed by Efrain E. Velez, the Olithas table and bench seating combines  a geometric tubular steel base to thin MeldStone surfaces that seem to float above the support structure. The underside of the seats and the table surface are fluted forming a slight wave pattern that adds a visual texture contrasting the smooth primary surfaces. The frames are available in 23 colors including polished stainless steel. The Meldstone surfaces are available in 4 neutral colors featuring an “as-cast” finish or a polished surface depending on your choice of base.

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A winner of the 2013 Red Dot Award, Olithas is another example of Landscape Forms commitment to high quality functional design. If you are curious about the name, it is a combination of two words. One Greek, and one Spanish. Lithos is Greek for stone, and Olita is Spanish for tiny wave. Both words describe the primary surfaces of Olithas.

Olithas Concrete Furniture by Efrain E. Velez.

As everyone knows, I am a fan of furniture made from concrete, especially when the designer manages to take the material and create something that feels as light and open as furniture made from things like plastic. Austin Texas-based designer and architect Efrain E. Velez, has managed to do just that with the OLithas collection.

All Photographs:  Alisa Marrow

Velez concept was to take the idea of using stone-like slabs and make them appear as light as waves. I think that this collection more than exemplifies that idea. Each piece consists of a high-grade finish concrete, that is formed into thin sheets. The underside of each is ribbed to add strength, lighten the visual appearance, and provide a structural mount for the thin stainless steel legs that support both the table and the benches. I absolutely love the refined finish of the concrete, and I am thinking that because it is concrete it can be stained to any color, which would expand the range of the product line.

According to Velez,the name came from two sources. The Greek word “Lithos” which means (Stone), and the Spanish words “Ola”, (wave) and “Olita” (tiny wave).