Kaplan Recommends “8 Great Things to do in London”.

The video below is the animated teaser for Kaplan International English integrated campaign I Love London. Created by Al Boardman and following on the heels of the awesome animated New York city guide, Kaplan asked more than 500 of their students what they thought the perfect day in London would be. Taking all the information they received they distilled it down to the 8 top choices for the city which Boardman then animated. The animation directs the viewer to the I Love London page where others are encouraged to post and share their dream day London, as well as see a brief synopsis about each of Kaplan’s top 8 picks. Hat tip to Boardman for creating such a fun, fresh, and cheerful animated piece.

The Art of Making Scissors.

You probably never stopped and really thought about what goes into making a pair of scissors. I know I hadn’t. When you think about it, scissors are actually extremely complex tools. The blades have very low tolerances, and have to be sharp, balanced, and designed to fit a variety of hand sizes. If the blades are to far apart, they won’t cut. If they are to close, they won’t shut. Now, imagine making them by hand. Talk about skills. The video below documents Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield England, one of the last remaining hand manufacturers of scissors. Specifically “Putter” Cliff Denton as he makes pair after pair by hand, forging, grinding, and polishing them to perfection.

The Putter from shaun bloodworth on Vimeo.

This Film is part of Storying Sheffield , part funded by the Arts & Humanities department under Professor Brendan Stone at The University of Sheffield . Music and Sound Design by The Black Dog

Amazing Flying Porsche 911’s by Gerry Judah.

I hope this stays at Goodwood in the UK. I’d love to see it in person some day. Porsche 2013 by artist and designer Gerry Judah is a 22 ton steel and real Porsche sculpture that was commissioned by Porsche UK for the 50th anniversary of the 911 and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The sculpture features three different models of the Porsche 911: the 1963 Original 911; the 1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7; and the 2013 911. The photos look pretty amazing so I imagine in person this will knock your socks off. Even if you aren’t into motor sports or automobiles you have to admit this is pretty impressive. The white arrows that suspend the cars above the ground look like jet contrails as these classic cars jet off into the sky.


“I had to create a sculpture that personifies the energy and excitement not only of these beautiful cars but also the Festival of Speed. The 911 is a fantastic shape that can’t be deconstructed or embellished, so in this context, the sculpture had to provide the right platform for the car to soar up and shine in the sky.”






The History of “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

“Keep Calm and Carry On” originally arrived in the UK in 1939. Since it’s rediscovery in the early 2000’s it has become one of the iconic images of the 21st century. Frankly the saturation point of this poster, the various ripoffs, and over use of it have left Keep Calm and Carry On kind of flat for me. It is a fad that that I hope has passed, but probably hasn’t.

If you are at all the least bit curious about where this poster came from, it’s history, the history of the design… watch the video below.If you just can’t get enough of the slogan, you can download the iPhone app here, or purchase a multitude of examples from Barter Books here.

Produced by Temujin Doran, for Studio Canoe, this short film provides a little fresh air on the subject.