Ah Spring. The Vernal Equinox Begins At 6:49 A.M. GMT.

It’s been a long, nasty, cold, snowy, can’t wait for you to end kind of winter here in the midwest and elsewhere. The good news is the first day of Spring starts at 6:49 A.M. Greenwich Mean Time. If you want to know where you are in the world, in relation to GMT, click here. I created the image below to give you a few facts about the equinox, but if you don’t care to bend your noodle with science here’s the short sweet version.

Tomorrow the Sun passes directly over the equator so day and night are equal in length. (That’s 12 hours each if you are feeling really lazy) Starting tomorrow the days get longer until the Summer solstice around June 21st. With the longer days, the Northern Hemisphere gets warmer. Warmer temps mean less snow and ice.



10 Years of the Highlife with Swissotel’s Equinox.

I wish Secret Little Agency had posted a bit more information about this event on their website. None the less the work for this Swissotel event is outstanding.

In conjunction with Equinox’s 10th anniversary 2000 types of fruits and vegetables sourced and then photographed to create the backdrop for an event that featured 3 Michelin-Starred Chef Bruno Menard and Jamie Oliver’s team from Fifteen London.

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Invitations were then created that matched the theme from the photograph. The VIP invites included a coffee table book, programs, and an invite that was made to look like a rustic wooden cutting board. All of this is housed in wooden boxes that are lined with grass.

I have no idea what the cost to produce the invites was. I guarantee you that it was quite expensive, but considering the event and the probably guest list I’m sure it was worth it to Swissotel and Equinox.

As you can see, the end result is really pretty amazing.