Erik Pelt

20 Mid-Century Illustrations and Graphic Designs.

I’m always on the look out for visual images that I can tuck away in a reference folder and use for inspiration at a later date. This Morning I found a bunch of new mid-century modern graphics and illustration from a variety of sites, that I had to grab. Since I am in a sharing mood I have posted them in a slide show below.

The art work was created by Erik Pelt, Jerome Gould, Clarence Lee, H. Brandes, M Hampton, Eugenio Carmi, George Giusti, Arthur Boden, Jay Novak, Ben King, Nihon-Sha, Tadashi Nadamoto, Tadanori Yokoo, Jaques Richez, Hans Erniand others. The included images are indicative of the emerging style that was prevalent from the mid 50’s through mid 60’s in international illustration and design styles.

Hope you enjoy them.

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