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The Look Of This Espresso Machine Slays Me.

I love a good espresso, and I love good industrial design, and when you put the two together you get the latest creation from Slayer. Almost 10 years after launching, the Slayer Steam is one beautiful piece of coffee making hardware, and I am seriously lusting after this right now. This is seriously a stunning piece of coffee making hardware. I think I might be afraid to use it because I wouldn’t want it to get all smudged and dirty. All that stainless steel, and turned wood… Love.

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Almost 10 years in to the Slayer story, were sharing the biggest news since our launch. We invite you to experience the second machine series in our growing catalog. This is Slayer Steam. SLAYER STEAM Our pursuit of flavor potential began with Slayer Espresso and the technology that we developed in 2007.

Today, we continue to provoke innovation with a completely new machine, a second series that gives you the ability to transform your milk game and focus on a quality-driven, high-volume business. EVOLVING MILK Slayer Steam is our answer to the unasked, yet crucial, questions about steaming milk. With exclusive technology, baristas take control of steam temperature and flow rate, ultimately improving flavor in the milk beverages ordered by the majority of their customers.


The Vaporizer is a compact super-heater that boosts the temperature of steam and creates a dry, invisible vapor. By simultaneously increasing temperature and decreasing dilution, Slayer Steam promotes full flavor development in all milk varieties. Even low-fat dairy and alternative milks display extraordinary gloss, sweetness, and complexity when heated with the Vaporizer.


Multiple actuation stages add a new level of customization and efficiency. Accu-Flow steam actuators feature two positions per wand, each with programmable presets for temperature and flow rate. Now, every session can be personalized for the preparation of a specific beverage. Reserving one setting for restricted flow makes it even easier to steam small volumes of milk for macchiatos and cortados.


Steam is designed to produce excellent milk drinks for high-volume business and is our first machine with automatic-volumetric operation. Shot volumes, brew temperatures, and steam settings are quickly adjusted in the digital Barista Dashboard. New brew actuators offer access to two volumetric doses, in concert with shot timers. An adjustable-height drip tray provides 50% more workspace than most espresso machines. Every interactive element has been optimized for efficiency.

These features, combined with many considerations for workflow, ergonomics, and durability, make Slayer Steam the most efficient espresso machine on the market and the top performer for businesses that rely on milk drinks as a major revenue stream.

Slayer Research and Development is led by CEO and Founder Jason Prefontaine, Industrial Designer Chris Flechtner, and Product Development Engineer Devin Walker, three innovators who have helped to define our roots from the very beginning. Slayer Steam is the result of a creative collaboration between this team and many talented friends in the industry. From everyone involved, we cant wait to see what you do with this machine.


Espresso, Vertigo, Go.

Yesterday morning I suffered a massive vertigo attack. I’ve never had it before, and I hope I never have it again. Here it is 36 hours later, and I’m still dizzy with occasional waves of nausea. One of the side effects of vertigo comes from the meds they give you. That side effect is “drowsiness”, and like the dizziness it sucks.

What better way to overcome drowsiness than a fine cup of espresso, and what a better way to serve it up than with a fine espresso machine like this one designed by Arvid Hauser.

The espresso machine is wall mounted, and manufactured from porcelain and wood. The wall mount helps free up kitchen counter space, and the exposed components “make the coffee preparation process comprehensible for the user”.  I just like the sculptural quality of the espresso machine and the natural materials used to construct it.

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Jura Signature Espresso Machines.

When it comes to home espresso machines, Jura is at the top of the list when it comes to quality, and execution, This morning I discovered that Jura has released the Signature line of espresso machines, and now I am lusting for one. (I need to make more money)

The limited edition Jura Signature line is handcrafted with high end materials like Colombian walnut, Northern Birch, Leather, Rhodium/Crystals. The materials match defined lines and are paired with features that Jura machines are known for. And if you are a tennis fan, there is a  Roger Federer Edition as well.

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“The uplands of Colombia are home to a rare variety of walnut which is renowned particularly for its even growth and the structure of its wood, which is very similar to that of the domestic birch. This is the reason why botanists often refer to the Colombian walnut as the night birch.

Only trees that have been felled after suffering unusual damage – through storms, for example – may be sold. Strict regulations make its sale highly complex and expensive.

In order to create and preserve the wood’s familiar black colouration, the Colombian walnut veneer is specially prepared. To achieve the desired effect, our specialists use natural sunlight and expose the wood to controlled doses of UV radiation. Only then can the wood be used to beautify the front panel of the coffee machine.

The last stage in the process is the hand polishing of the 15 coats of high-gloss lacquer

From the Jura Site.

Norwegian Wood.

Sometimes a new twist on an age-old product is just what the world needs, and leave it to the Scandinavians to take an object so steeped in Italian culture, and subtly update it in a new and unique way.

The Linje Espressomaker is a prototype originally created by Husby, Audun Grimstad, Åsne Kydland and Mariko Kurioka Rohde as an assignment for their design school. Thinking about what distinguishes Scandinavia, they decided to design the machine using wood. A natural choice for them. The result is this strikingly beautiful espresso machine that is not only a wonderful, functional design, but an object that is softened by the choice of materials used to produce it.

For a complete read on the design and construction process, go here.