Ikea Organizes Your Computer Desktop.

This actually launched a few weeks back, but I haven’t been to the Ikea site for a while so I just discovered it today.

Ikea Working with interactive agency Laboratory Ideas in Budapest has developed a virtual desktop based on the popular shelving system EXPEDIT that is designed to help you organize your virtual desktop in addition to the physical space in your life. The E-Folder organizer tasks decorative IKEA storage bins with acting as desktop folders on the shelves of the popular bookcase.

“We prepared a useful, design-conscious and cost-effective way – true to IKEA’s values – to organize and store your stuff even in your second home, your computer. You can download the IKEA e-Folder set, which consists of a background picture with an EXPEDIT storage unit and an icon set made of IKEA’s very own organizers to put order to the chaos on your Desktop. The e-Folder set can be already downloaded from three countries’ IKEA websites (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).” Laboratory Ideas