Eye glasses

Pantone Eyeware

You really have to hand it to Pantone for extending their brand through diversified product development. Ten years ago, Pantone was known to the design world and not much more. Now days they sell everything from Flash drives to eye glasses. And the eyeglasses part is where I am going with today’s post.

Available in Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the Middle East, Pantone Eyeware isĀ  a system that allows people to build limitless combinations of eye glasses using different colored temples, and frames. System Two on the website seems to have the most options, with 14 pages of frames, and stem styles.

It looks as though Pantone has licensed its brand to EyeConcept LTD. out of Hong Kong. And although the product debuted in September of 2008, System 2 was released about 6 months ago. I might have to get a new pair of glasses later this year if I travel to Europe.