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Your Travel Plans Are “Up For Grabs” With SAS.

CP+B Europe created a new campaign for SAS airlines that was just a blip on the radar thanks to Facebook promotional terms & conditions, and the fact that the campaign directly violated them. I’m not sure how quickly Facebook shut this down, but I bet it was within 12 hours of launch. The thing is, when  CP+B Europe and SAS Airlines were called out, they were happy to admit they broke the rules because the campaign was successful for them.

There are some things about both of the campaigns highlighted in the videos below that I really love. The level of engagement was so simple and a bit risky. It’s not easy to get people to change their Facebook profile image,let alone getting them to take another photo and combine it with the new profile image. The idea is simple, but getting people to actively engage in it is not. As for the second campaign, getting people to take a chance and travel to a foreign land with another individual randomly selected from a Facebook app… very simple idea, very risky when thinking about engagement and end results.

In the end though, both ideas worked, getting SAS Facebook fans to engage and participate on a grand scale before the campaign was pulled. This says something about the SAS brand, and the brand loyalty of their fan base. (the fact that you were getting a free trip didn’t hurt the participation results either). I hope that CP+B Europe, and SAS continue to push the envelope with these kinds of ideas. It could make Facebook interesting again.