Facial Recognition

Get Inspiratored by Bentley Motors.

Earlier today a friend sent me a link to the Bentley Inspirator, which is an iOS app that uses facial recognition to help determine and configure the Bentley you should purchase. For some reason I felt compelled to download it and try it out. Surely the Bentley app would know to put me into a Continental. It did not. It put me into that ugly ass new Bentley SUV the Bentayga, and it chose the color brown.

The app itself  is pretty slick. Using the camera on your iPhone or iPad it tracks your expressions and eye movements as it shows you a series of photos and then determines which car is right for you. If you don’t want to use the facial recognition, you can use the touch version and physically make your choices.

Now, even though the app is pretty slick I think the reason it put me into the Bentayga, is because that is the only real choice. It looks as though this app is specifically promoting that product. The reason I say that is, after going back through the app several times, using the touch feature instead of the facial recognition feature, I always got the brown Bentayga. No matter what images I chose.

Its a well made app that links back to the Bentley site which also very well put together. The production value of the video components in the app are really well done, which you would expect from a brand like Bentley. And it is an engaging form of entertainment wrapped in advertising for a product that is geared to those that can afford it.



RedPepper Checks Your Face.

I don’t do the Facebook check in thing very much. Most of the time I forget to, or just don’t care to. Part of it also has to do with the fact that my Facebook usage has dropped off considerably over the last 12 months. None the less it is the 800 pound gorilla of social networks, and scads of others do the check in thing. Not as many as Facebook or retailers would like though.

This is where RedPepper comes in. They have developed a system that allows you to check in with your face. It’s all very Minority Report if you ask me, none the less I could see where this can and will become a reality in your near future. If you haven’t already seen this, watch the video below, then click on the link above to read some of the press these guys are getting.

i3D Has Tons of Promise.

Yesterday MacRumors posted an article on Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay new iOS application i3D. The application essentially creates a 3D experience with out the need for special glasses by using the front facing camera on your iPad or iPhone to track the position and adjusting the application perspective in real time.The free application is available at the app store if you want to try it out yourself.

While the current version of the application needs some work, the potential here is huge. This is the kind of technology that could be a game changer for those of us in the content creation business. When I saw the video demo of the software running on an iPad, I was sold. I look at this and see a whole new world of content for games, books, education, iAds, and beyond.

Imagine doing something as simple as firing up an application like Zappos on your iPad, and being able to see the product in 3D space before you decide to purchase. That concept is so simple yet it takes decision-making to a whole new level. Think about playing a game on your iPad that feels even more immersive by adding that 3D feeling to the experience. A simple game like “Labyrinth 3D” would feel completely different and much more rich overall. I can see this technology being applied to architecture, medical, and engineering fields with stunning results. I can’t wait to see where these guys end up taking this in the future, and how many other developers jump on this to improve the end result.

iPad Magic Mirror. The Possibility of Augmented Reality.

Straight out of the gate for iPad 2 is the new “Magic Mirror” Augmented Reality application that takes advantage of that front facing camera, and uses advanced facial tracking and user recognition features to give you the magic mirror experience.

This demo shows off the totally playful experience of this application, but what is really exciting are the possibilities that this kind of application presents for people promoting products.Think about being able to do things like try on virtual glasses, or clothing using the facial tracking software shown here. Using this kind of technology, the iPad will be able to determine your sex, age, ethnicity, or any number of specifics and then deliver a completely different content experience to you based on that visual data. I saw this and immediately thought about how it could extend and enhance an online shopping experience, or be applied to scientific applications as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of technology showing up rather quickly from an apparel manufacturer, or from an online retail giant like Amazon or Zappos.