Fashion Trends

The Return of the Elegant Gentleman. Dandies!

In the modern world, you are probably photographed, or on film more now than ever before. Because of this, shouldn’t you look your best? “I am Dandy” from Gestalten, explores the¬†phenomenon of the return of the elegant gentleman. The video below is a series of interviews of the subject of the book, as well as the author, and photographer. Gentlemen, watch this short film, take off your ball cap, and think about taking a little pride in what you have on. They say clothes make the man. You don’t have to look like an Edwardian fop, but you might want to dress it up a bit.


This is Not Colonel Sander’s Bow Tie.

A number of years ago I had to wear a necktie on a regular basis for work. I have to admit, I didn’t really mind having to dress like a professional from time to time. Hipsters will hate me for saying this, but its true, you get more professional respect when you’re dressed like a pro.

I learned this a long time ago when I was trying to collect payment on a freelance job. At the time I had hair about half way down my back, I looked like I was 12, and dressed like a slob. Needless to say the client was dragging their feet when it came time to cut me a check. For better or worse I showed up at their office with a fresh haircut, wearing a suit, and ready to threaten legal action. Their attitude changed, I got paid, and yes I fired them as a client. Anyway that isn’t what I wanted talk about. I wanted to talk about bow ties.

20130102-092700.jpgThe bow-tie is back, and just like in the mid 1970’s its back with a modern crazy colorful vengeance. The English brand Charles Olive encourages the once stuffy neckwear to be seen as a hip, stylish, fashion statement. A sartorial choice that sets you apart from the crowd, without appearing nerdy or uptight. The new collection from Charles Olive features non-traditional patterns of tiled rectangles, with complimenting colors of blues and aquamarine, punctuated with pops of yellow, and orange. Their new line of bow ties are timeless, yet very contemporary, and guaranteed to stay in style longer than the oversized velvet bow ties of the 1970’s. I really like the color pallet, patterns, and classic size of this neck ware. Now, if I could just remember how to tie one.