Film Making

“Icons” In One Single Fluid Shot.

The two videos below are for the Sunday Times Culture section. The first “Icons”, is the finished ad, the second the making of. This spot is one single dynamic camera movement featuring two actors. Over the course of fifty seconds the two become Forrest Gump, Don Draper, God, Daft Punk, and a couple of gun toting criminals. When you watch the finished piece it is hard to tell that this was done in a single shot. When I watched the making of, I wondered how many takes they went through before they got it right. In the making of, they were kind enough to drop a picture in picture frame so you can see what the camera operator was getting as he moved with the actors. For an in depth look, click here to go to the Making of website.

Directors – Us
Production Company – Academy Films
Executive Producer – Lizie Gower
Producer – Juliette Harris

DOP – Ben Fordesman
A&R Operator – Simon Wood
Art Director – Alison Dominitz
Hair & MakeUp – Lu Hinton
Stylist – Rebecca Hale
Casting – Hammond & Cox
Editor – Dave Stevens @ Assembly Rooms
Post – Electric Theatre Collective
Grade – Aubrey Woodiwiss
Audio post production – String & Tins
Musical Composition – Tom Player
Lead Actor – Gary Milner

Agency – Grey
Executive Creative Director – Nils Leonard
Creative Director – Dave Monk
Creatives – Jonathan Rands & Johan Leandersson
Agency Producer – Debbie Impett

“Metamorphose”, Hermès

I really hate the term “Fix it in post”. Fix it in post is always harder than you think,  and it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to get it right. The two videos below for  HERMÈS PARIS were produced by Montreal based Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel studio with everything being shot live and in camera. While there are sections of this spot that look like a blend of CGI and live action, the second behind the scenes video will show you they are not. The result is a very impressive spot for HERMÈS. Watch the first full screen and in HD. It’s completely worth it.

“Trail Therapy”. Steve Fugate, Peace Pilgrim.

The video below will move you. This short documentary by Cyrus Sutton about Steve Fugate is tragic and inspiring. Produced originally for it tells the story of man who has walked 34,000 miles on a pilgrimage for peace. I could talk about the aesthetics of the film itself, but that wouldn’t do justice to the story.

Monday Inspiration. “Legends of the Isles”, by Tony Franklin.

Over the weekend I posted a short film and a little write up about how video production and quality has changed so much in the last ten years. Another great example of that is below. Film maker  and a crew of six have produced a really nice short film. The seven minute short takes you on a journey of friendship and the bond that is developed around a game and tradition. Franklin blends some really wonderful slow-motion footage with interviews, archival footage, and really fluid shots following hockey players on the ice. Through out the film there is a simple repeated gesture that becomes more clear in the last two minutes of the film through the skilled editing of Nate Maydole and Eric Schleicher. Great stuff for a frigid winter morning here in the midwest.

Director: Tony Franklin
Director of Photography: Eric Schleicher
Second Camera: Josh Becker
Editor: Nate Maydole / Eric Schleicher
Music / Sound Mix: Nick Mihalevich / Cape Status
Graphic Design: Mike Forester
Archival Footage: Tom Dunn