“Bed” for IKEA. 90 Seconds of the Tempest.

You can’t go wrong with Shakespeare. Keeping in line with IKEA’s “The Wonderful Everyday” campaign, Juan Cabral of  MJZ and a crew of 15 from  MPC doing the VFX, created a dreamy spot featuring Prunella Scale reading from “The Tempest.” The 30 second spot features a woman falling from bed to bed over london, finally landing softly in her own bedroom as the voice over ends with “we are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our little life is rounded with a sleep”.

Watch the spot closely. There are loads of small details that could be easily missed. 2D creative director Bill McNamara  and his team took their time adding detailed matt paintings, embellishments, and composited effects including a rocket plume. The technical and cinematic know how that went into this is pretty astounding. A number of shots were taken of a skydiver where the parachute pack has been painted out in post. Those shots are combined with studio green screen footage and plenty of CGI work. This is one that I hope gets a behind the scenes making of upload to YouTube soon. I’d love to get a closer look at how it was all done.


Flower Bombs.

About a month ago, Electroscope published a new video to Vimeo for the guerrilla art initiative Flower Bombs. Once again Electroscope just absolutely nails the look of this short film. Great editing, and post work make this piece. What could have been a fairly mundane film about hanging posters on street corners, instead has a certain amount of tension that makes the film. Shallow depth of field, great color grading, just enough lo-fi effects, and what color. The desaturated look of the film really punches the early morning light.

Flower Bombs is a guerrilla art initiative that explores the karma and power of public art through positive messaging. The symbol of the flower growing out of a bomb represents beauty in unexpected places — which is what street art is all about.