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Joseph Martinez Matchbook Paintings.

I’ve never collected matchbooks. Occasionally I might pick one up if I like the design that is on the cover of the book or box, but even back in my smoking days I never seemed to hold onto them. Perhaps if they had looked as cool as these hand painted matchbooks matchbook paintings by Joseph Martinez I would have.


Martinez’s matchbook paintings are done in sets of three when he has enough books to complete the set. They feature pop icons ranging from Star Wars to Frankenstein with a large focus on movie characters. The miniature paintings are on real matchbooks that are just a couple of inches in size. You can get them unframed or in framed sizes 5 by 7 inches.  The link above takes you to his site where you can see the entire collection.


Art Friday. It’s Earth Moving.

It’s Friday morning and I am doing the boring and time consuming job of authoring DVD’s and transcoding video. This gives me time to look at things on the internet, which is what led me to doing a mashup search on Google for 4 different unrelated words.

One of my Google results… “Jim Denevan“. I have seen Denevan’s artwork before. There was a write up in the New York Times magazine way back in 2005, but like so many things I filed it and forgot about it. If you are a fan of pattern, crop circles, or more refined earthwork based art like Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson, this is for you.

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Whatiftheworld Gallery, Cape Town South Africa

I found this earlier today when I was searching the internet for something totally unrelated, but since I was in South Africa earlier this year (see my related posts) I felt compelled to post this.

Whatiftheworld is a platform for a new generation of emerging South African contemporary artists, and was selected in 2007 by London-based magazine Contemporary as one of the ‘Top 50 Emerging Galleries from Around the World.’

This young gallery has become a destination point for curators and collectors to experience innovative work, and to become acquainted with emerging new artist from South Africa. By giving voice to new talents, the gallery intends to grow public dialogue and critical debates within the contemporary art community, and to provide an alternative to the traditional art forums and institutions.

Whatiftheworld has been firmly behind the careers of several rising stars on the South African contemporary art scene, and is committed to building and nurturing strong relationships with each artist to support their continuing professional development. The gallery has hosted a series of critically acclaimed solo and group exhibitions, and published numerous catalogues and artist print editions.

In addition to the gallery space, whatiftheworld also has a design studio space, and a co-op for artist. The design studio is an initiative focused on creating projects, outlets, events and platforms for emerging local designers across various disciplines. The studio workshop operates as a residency space, offering interior design services, creative direction, and specialized commissioning. All products are locally conceived and manufactured to encourage responsible production and integration of local talent.

The CO-OP located in Johannesburg, is a platform for new and emerging work in the fields of contemporary art & design, and will feature a diverse program of exhibitions, events and exclusive collaborations. CO-OP is presented by the Johannesburg based design studio DOKTER AND MISSES, WHATIFTHEWORLD and the creative collaborative OPEN.

Pete Eastman, 'Black Portrait (Mother),' 2009 - Resin and Enamel on Aluminum 154cm x 120cm

Ed Young, 'We're all so fucking African,' 2009 - Fuji Lightjet Print 80 x 117cm

Cameron Platter, 'I Love Big Butts,' 2009 - Pencil crayon on Montval paper 270 x 157cm

Dan Halter, Space Invader (Nord Street Johannesburg), 2009 - Lightjet Print 125 x 80 cm Edition of 5

Rowan Smith, 'Space Age Pop,' 2009 - 46 x 40 x 30cm Edition of 3+1 AP

Julia Rosa Clark, 'Gimme Gimme Gimme Volcano,' 2004-5 - Paper cut-outs, stainless steel pins, polystyrene, acrylic paint, paper and glitter 160 x 140 x 15cm

Julia Rosa Clark, Detail of 'Gimme Gimme Gimme Volcano,'



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