Ooooo The Vauni Ventless Fireglobe

I’ve been wanting to add a fireplace to the new modern house, but haven’t really found anything that didn’t involve modifying the structure and still looked good. Actually that isn’t true, I have found a few things but they are way outside my price range. Today however I found this, and it offers some level of promise.

I like the look of the these fireplaces by Vauni and the thing is they are bio-fueled  and ventless. The Globe fireplace is a freestanding, chimney-free design that requires no installation, so it’s easy to place and move anywhere in your home. A low or high foot is topped by a sphere-shaped fire pit that swivels 360 degrees so you can enjoy it from any point in the room. (I need to look around some more and see if this version would work outdoors as well. If it does it would be a great addition to the deck for cool spring and fall evenings.) Similar in style, the Cupola fireplace is a wall-mounted semi-spherical design that’s as easy to install. It simply bolts to the wall and is ready to go.

Both are available in a black or white matte finish. Because these fireplaces are vent-less, they are not only ideal for my house, but would work in any apartment or condo situation as well.

The size is approximately 25 to 30 inches in diameter, and the price is around 2700 dollars for the wall mount unit.