Cinta from Lumicast Set My Heart Aflame

I get a lot of email promotions from various companies over the course of the week. Most of them get ignored but every once in a while something rolls into my inbox that gets my attention and makes me stop and take notice for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s the actual design of the email itself, sometimes it’s the product, sometimes it’s a combination of both. So today when I was looking through the folder I’ve set up to collect solicitations from vendors that haven’t been flagged as spam I came across an email for the Cinta firepit from Lumicast, a California-based company that is making architectural cast concrete fire pits.

Most fire pits are rustic block cast stone rings or steel bowls for holding logs. The other common option is table style burners powered by propane. Cinta, on the other hand, is an elegant canyon of cast concrete with a unique form articulated by the axial parametric ribbons, that cradle the flames within a vessel of digitally sculpted terrain.

This hand made item is available in limited production at a cost of $15,000.00, so all of my well healed friends with the means I implore you to consider picking one of these up for your outdoor leisure and entertaining activities. Just look at it. If I had the cash, and the space, this would definitely end up warming me on cool nights as I lounge on my patio.

As I spent some time on the Lumicast site I was impressed not only with the quality of their designs but in the manufacturing process that uses 25% recycled materials to make our products more sustainable and is more environmentally friendly while producing a product designed to last a lifetime.


It’s 103 Outside and I Want to Light a Fire.

Sitting at home today taking some well deserved time off, I thought I’d take in the great outdoors. Unfortunately the 103 degree reading on the thermometer has driven me back into the air-conditioned comfort of my house. This got me day dreaming about fall weather, and the ability to sit outside on a cool night and take in the fresh air. This got me to thinking about fire pits, or outdoor fireplaces. Nothing says fall like sitting by a warm fire at night enjoying a glass of red wine.

I started searching for a modern fire pit to go with the house, but almost everything I found came up traditional, rustic, or arts and crafts style. There is nothing wrong with that, I’m just looking for something a bit different. After some digging I came across Home Infatuation, a site that specializes in outdoor furniture. And look what I found… a fire pit table designed by John Xochihua.

The table comes in two styles. A coffee table, and a standard table. Both feature heavy gauge steel bases, and tops which are covered with a silicone finish which is resistant to water and heat. The coffee table has a three foot burner strip in the center of its six foot length, and the standard table houses an eighteen inch double ring burner. Both are propane fueled, and the fire area is covered with black lava rock.

The prices are $2988.00 for the standard table and $3988.00 for the coffee table.