“The flag of Flags”, Norwegian Airlines.

I love the simplicity of this ad for Norwegian Airlines by M&C Saatchi Stockholm. They have taken the Norwegian flag and outlined the flags of countries they fly to. Each flag is maked by a simple white outline and a destination name for that country and the cost of a flight there. Thailand, France, Finland, Poland and the Netherlands. The campaign is called “The flag of Flags” and plays to the Norwegian national pride for their flag. The print ad was featured in The Newspapers VG and Aftenposten over the holidays and during the New Years issue for each.



Friday Inspiration. Is it time to change the Australian flag? by Mike Tosetto.

I’m not Australian  and don’t live in Australia, and I actually like the Australian flag the way it is. I can see why some people might want to change it though. (talk about a killer design gig) Anyway, it’s Friday, and I wanted to post this video, because its a really nice piece of animation and motion graphics work from  who is an Australian.

The piece is really well researched, designed, and animated. It’s worth the few minutes it takes to watch, and I guarantee you’ll learn a little something if you do.