Flexible Display

Sony’s Human Hair Thin Display.

Sony has released information on its latest bendable display technology. Based on an earlier prototype, this new version is quite impressive. Thinner than a human hair, and sporting higher color fidelity and detail, this new display can literally be wrapped around a pencil.

This new screen uses innovative organic thin-film transistors to create the driver circuitry which is need to run the OLED display. Sony has managed to develop a process that allows the circuits to produced directly on the flexible substrate, which eliminates the need for rigid driver chip sets. Because of this, the screen is thousands of times more flexible, and more cost-effective.

Watch thee video (click the image below) to see this panel streaming video while being rolled up around a 4mm tube. I see so many possibilities with this technology. I can’t wait until they can produce a screen larger than 4 inches square.