Ting, Recycled Belt Flooring.

I’ve always been attracted to reusing,or recycling a material or object to create something new and unique. A great example of this is the leather belt flooring created by Ting. Working with recycled belts, Ting creates bespoke flooring that is unique for each installation.

The luxury leather floors are created from hand selected leather belts and is available by the square foot. The material can also be used to cover table tops and walls alike. The composition for each tile or panel is carefully created in-house to assure the correct pattern and color balance for each installation. The panels are available in 12 and 18 inch square tiles, and if you outgrow your need for the flooring, Ting will recycle it for you.




Fixing the floor and building the screen

photoA few weeks back I posted about the bamboo floor situation just inside the front door of the house. At the time I had mentioned that the flashing under the door had been cut to short and water had seeped in causing wood rot and discoloration for about 2 feet just inside the front door. We were trying to replace the floor with bamboo that would match in color and texture, but what we found out was bamboo changes in color from lot to lot based on the manufacturing process. So even though we were purchasing the correct bamboo flooring from the same manufacturer, the color was off in every box we looked at. So after 3 months of searching we decided to go a different direction and installed black bamboo flooring just inside the door.

The effect is actually quite nice. The black creates a visual threshold just inside the door, and the color adds a matching accent to the counter top on the kitchen island about 10 feet away. This is nice since the island is such a larger surface in the common room at the front of the house. The black bamboo surface shows a bit more of the undulating weave in the flooring itself which creates a subtle texture, and helps to accent the color break.

Right now my only objection to the black color is, that just like a black automobile, it shows all the dirt and dust that is brought in from the outside. So it looks like I’ll be getting a floor matte to cover a portion of the flooring. Aside from that, it turned out great and I’m really pleased with the end result. photo(3)

This week I am starting to build the screen that will help hide the view from the outside of the house. The screen is going to sit just behind the new section of flooring and should help create an even more defined entry space into the home. Last Friday I was able to download the construction plans for the original screen that I was going to purchase, but now I have decided to modify them and build my own with different materials. Instead of going with 2 inch thick black rubber for the base, I am going to use a 2 by 12 by 32 inch piece of rose wood with a black rubber pad beneath it. I’ll be using 6mm thick translucent fiber glass rods for the screen component. Each will be set into the wood at a 15 degree offset spaced about an inch and a half apart. As I get underway I’ll be making posts on the construction process and the end results. Since the base is going to be rather costly, don’t look for this to be finished by the weekend. I’m  thinking this is a take your time, go really slow and do it right project.