The Ventless Fireplace and TV Stand from Mobilier DeFrance

This winter I have really missed having a fireplace in the new house. The new home isn’t really designed for one, but after having one for 10 years in the Union Hill house, I really kind of miss it. This is why I am digging this new ventless fireplace from Mobilier De France.

This modular furniture design, “Fontana” by Mobilier DeFrance takes it a step further by combining the fireplace with a flat panel TV stand, and shelving units.  What I like about this is that the unit is thick enough to hide all the cables behind the false wall, it supplies ample storage for DVD’s, Books, Magazine’s etc. Its low profile (it looks to be about 5 feet tall), its minimalist in its design aesthetic, and the TV doesn’t detract from the fireplace itself.

What is missing is space for your DVD player, and home theater boxes, which is kind of a shame since Mobilier could easily have installed in shelving below the TV. None the less I really like the overall look, and could see adding this to my living room.

Fontana is constructed from medium oak plywood, and covered with dyed cellulosic substance polyurethane varnish “cellulosique”. The façade is bonded with medium paper, and then treated with 5 coats of lacquer to achieve the high gloss finish.

Approximately 51, by 100, by 14, in size.

Available in 5 wood finishes, or 11 colors of lacquer gloss or matt finish.