Seriously Dude.

I love hand lettering. I think it’s because I used to do it, and I know what goes into it. It is a skill and a craft that requires practice, patience, and true talent. Lost Type introduced “Dude” about 8 months back. The font is a reverse contrast, serif western font. It has loads of style. Designed by Dan Gneiding, Dude comes in 12 different serif styles, all of which were inspired by country music legends. The video below features painting and animation by Colt Bowden, using Dude be lettered by hand, the old fashioned way with a paintbrush.


The Quick Brown Fox.

If you are a designer one of the first things you probably learned along with Lorem Ipsom is the sentence, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. That sentence is by far one of the most popular greeking phrases used to see how fonts will look in your design work. It is the default for most font management systems, and it is a line that hardly anyone ever changes.

If you are a type geek, design geek, or poster lover, the people that run Typolution have created a fun poster built around that sentence using a number of fun fonts, and a cute little fox illustration. All done up with a slightly distressed look, and folded the old school way that broadsheet posters used to be delivered.

The poster measures approximately 20 by 27 inches and will set you back 19 Euro ($24.75) plus shipping. You can get it here if you so desire.


Font Love. Laura Meseguer’s “Magasin”.

I’ve been looking for some new fonts for a side project I have, and I want something that has a hand written feel, with a retro fluidity to it. Something that is light, and summery, without feeling to old-fashioned or dated. While digging around the My Fonts site I came across Magasin from designer Laura Meseguar. This font meets all of my needs and it is a visual treat to look at. I love the flowing curvaceous lines, the varied weigh of letter forms, and the feeling that this is a modern font with a deep heritage. The notes below are from the designer.



About the Design:

Magasin is based on the idea of designing a display typeface inspired by the pointed pen calligraphy with geometric, upright and connected construction and high contrast. What I wanted to show is the obvious accuracy that can be seen in any calligraphic work, but with a close attention to the creative combination of linked letters when creating words, bringing a lettering flavor.

Design Notes:

  • 1. the wavy shapes to emphasize the rhythm
  • 2. four different ways of linking letters, always merging at half of the x-height
  • 3. loops and drops reminiscent of pointed pen calligraphy
  • 4. the angled ending stroke

FontShop Plugins For Photoshop and now Illustrator.

As every graphic designer knows, fonts are expensive, and needed in quantity to do good work. Owning a vast library of fonts can be extremely expensive, but required in order to show your clients a variety of type stylings before taking a design concept to its final stages. Thankfully plugins for Creative Suite applications are starting to make it possible to browse and preview fonts from vendors directly within layouts without purchasing them first. This is huge for designers on tight budgets or not in a position to layout thousands of dollars on complete type libraries.

One of them, the FontShop plugin, which seems to have been stuck in a beta mode for a lifetime now, has now been extended to Mac and Windows Illustrator CS3-CS6.If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot. I have been using it with Photoshop since CS4, and it has been a lifesaver when dealing with needy clients that can’t make up their mind on a specific look for a project. Now I wish they would add InDesign, After Effects, and Premier support as well.