The Aplomb Concrete Lamp.

I’ll admit it, I have this strange fascination with things made out of concrete. By that I mean things that you wouldn’t normally use concrete to make. Things like furniture, light fixtures, counters, cabinetry, etc. Part of this comes from the fact that when we think of concrete, we tend to think of things like cinder blocks, building materials, heavy weighted, dead objects; but when we see something made from the material that is light and beautiful, it knocks you for a loop. This set of light fixtures from Foscarini did just that for me.

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The Aplomb Lamp, is a wonderful concrete pendant made from a more fluid type of concrete that is lighter in weight, and lends itself to being molded much like slip clay.  By using a specific type of concrete and molding process, Foscarini was able to design and manufacture a thin conical pendant lamp that holds all of the textural characteristics we think of when we think concrete. The lamp maintains the texture, the rigidity, the natural and almost earthen feel. There is a rigid and solid quality to the Aplomb pendant lamp.and The fixture feels light, almost like it were cast from foam, and it has this great sculptural quality to it that reminds me of Constantin Brancusi.

I know, I have nowhere to put them in my house, but I still dig them.