Plenty of Fox Life.

While trolling vimeo this snowy Sunday in December I came across the rebrand Plenty did for Fox and Fox Life’s Fox Life global image, the second most important channel of the group. Working with a bright color pallet, flat graphical images, snippets from their prime time line up edited in, and fluid motion graphics, Art Director: Pablo Alfieri & Elda Broglio, Animation Director: Mariano Farias, and crew have created a nice little promo spot that feels fresh. I’m seeing more and more of this style of work. Lets hope it catches on but doesn’t become as saturated as the sketchbook look that has dominated the design world for what seems like the last decade.

The Quick Brown Fox.

If you are a designer one of the first things you probably learned along with Lorem Ipsom is the sentence, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. That sentence is by far one of the most popular greeking phrases used to see how fonts will look in your design work. It is the default for most font management systems, and it is a line that hardly anyone ever changes.

If you are a type geek, design geek, or poster lover, the people that run Typolution have created a fun poster built around that sentence using a number of fun fonts, and a cute little fox illustration. All done up with a slightly distressed look, and folded the old school way that broadsheet posters used to be delivered.

The poster measures approximately 20 by 27 inches and will set you back 19 Euro ($24.75) plus shipping. You can get it here if you so desire.


The YouTube U.S. Election Hub.

I try to keep politics off of here, but as we roll toward the November elections politics has been creeping in. I’m not going to post some stand about who to vote for or what is right or wrong (I will say Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin is a asshole though). What I do want to talk about is the perception of candidates as they are portrayed by the media here in America.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a few things. Propaganda which is spewed by all candidates in the form of advertising. Yes folks it’s propaganda. Those carefully crafted TV spots are edited specifically to influence you. They say nothing about what the candidates are really for. Things are taken out of context and spun to make someone look good or in most cases very bad. (Todd Akin is still a backwards asshole, and no form of advertising will change this)

The other prominent form of information we receive comes from our trusted news sources, and most of us still get the news from TV. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your information from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Conservative Talk Radio, or your local TV affiliate, they all have one thing in common. The perspective they give, is usually towing the editorial position for the guy that writes the checks, and in many cases for the companies that sponsor the programs, articles, and media outlets. It’s not supposed to influence the news but it often does.

I think this is why I am pretty excited about the new YouTube U.S. Election Hub. It aggregates news from all over the world about our upcoming elections into one place. Why is this a good thing? Because the rest of the world doesn’t see America the way American’s see America. Because the rest of the world has opinions about America, our politics, our political leaders, and Americans. These world opinions influence us as much as we influence others. It’s good to see how the rest of the world perceives us and the people that might end up running our country. When these news sources are pulled together with our own, the information we receive is better, well rounded, global. And yes folks it’s the 21st century. We live in a global society, so foreign opinions do matter.

Steve Jobs Gets Thrown to the Dragon’s Den.

There is a show on BBC 2 called “Dragon’s Den”. A year or so back I think Fox had a similar reality show called “Shark Tank” or something here in the USA. I never watched it, the whole thing just made me uncomfortable for so many reasons.

Today when I was searching YouTube for videos on technologies that changed 2010 I came across this video clip. Here we have a really nice mashup of “Dragons Den” and Steve Jobs iPad presentation. The edit is spot on to the way this show really plays out, and there is a real sense of irony here when you think about just how successful the iPad ultimately was in 2010.

Either way this made me laugh.