7 Bis Repita, A Desk for Polit.

7 Bis Repita, designed by Cyril De Moulins for Polit is a compact secretary for a small office. The folded steel frame is done up in a spectacular blue print blue with a matte varnish top coat. The surfaces are solid beech, and there are a variety of accessories for the desk including folded steel trays, and lacquered cubbies for holding writing implaments.

The frame of the desk forms a single structure that creates two trellis style legs and frames for the writing surfaces. The writing surfaces themselves create additional stiffening support for the frame of the desk. I love the industrial feel to this, yet it remains light and airy, with a distinct minimalist feel to it.

7 Bis Repita is manufactured in France in the Pays de Loire and Nord Pas de Calais.






“Carn”, a Lesson in Story Telling from a Student Film.

So yo u want to tell stories through film, or animation. Take a lesson from this film by director/animator Jeff Le Bars. Not only is there a superb eye for color, pacing, composition, and sound design, the plot doesn’t disappoint. Oh and this is a student film. That’s right, once a agin a French school is turning out some brilliant student work that rivals many established film makers.

Paris Kabbinet from Septembre.

A little over six months ago my wife and I made a very conscious choice to downsize my living space by moving from just under 2000 square feet of modern expanse into 1000 square feet of urban loft. I’m still getting use to the reduced footprint and the challenges that come with it. One thing I do know is, it requires a much more minimal lifestyle, and you use every inch of your space. There is no room for clutter, or things you don’t use. This is why I can appreciate the Kabbinet project from Septembre Architecture. This 85 square meter apartment (approximately 915 square feet) features smart built in furniture that functions as seating as well as storage.



The former manufacturing workshop in a Parisian alley uses the multifunctional wooden cabinetry to line the perimeter of the space opening up the central living area to create a sense of larger volume. High end finishes and a simple black and white color pallet help make the small space feel larger and exaggerate the feeling of luxury living in a small footprint.











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“Hound” a Student film from Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech. Watch It.

It’s Labor Day and I have spent a chunk of the early afternoon perusing the internet, specifically Vimeo. While looking for inspiring animation, and illustration styles I came across “Hound” by Olivia Blanc and Marion Delpech. This is their 2013 graduation short from EMCA. I’m gonna say it onne more time, French schools like EMCA and Supinfocom continue to turn out some of the best student work I have seen. If I were a student interested in animation, film, motion graphics, 3D, or any related field, I think I would be applying to go to school in France.