Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Lies Through Their Teeth.

So here I sit in the Santa Barbara airport waiting for my Frontier flight which is now delayed due to weather. The only problem is, the weather is clear all the way to Denver where the weather problem is supposed to be. In a world of smartphones and connected people, you’d think Frontier wouldn’t pull this bull shit.

There are 90 people that are hosed because of this, and according to the man in from of me inline, Frontier pulls this all the time with smaller airports. He’s had it happen twice in San Antonio, here in Santa Barbara, and also in Des Moines.

Part of the reason Frontier uses “weather” as a reason to delay or cancel flights is so they don’t have to compensate you. Weather means no flight vouchers, or hotels. They screw you twice in the process of making you late. In my case I won’t get home until 4 PM tomorrow, as opposed to 10 PM tonight.

Thanks for the big lie Frontier.