i3D Has Tons of Promise.

Yesterday MacRumors posted an article on Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay new iOS application i3D. The application essentially creates a 3D experience with out the need for special glasses by using the front facing camera on your iPad or iPhone to track the position and adjusting the application perspective in real time.The free application is available at the app store if you want to try it out yourself.

While the current version of the application needs some work, the potential here is huge. This is the kind of technology that could be a game changer for those of us in the content creation business. When I saw the video demo of the software running on an iPad, I was sold. I look at this and see a whole new world of content for games, books, education, iAds, and beyond.

Imagine doing something as simple as firing up an application like Zappos on your iPad, and being able to see the product in 3D space before you decide to purchase. That concept is so simple yet it takes decision-making to a whole new level. Think about playing a game on your iPad that feels even more immersive by adding that 3D feeling to the experience. A simple game like “Labyrinth 3D” would feel completely different and much more rich overall. I can see this technology being applied to architecture, medical, and engineering fields with stunning results. I can’t wait to see where these guys end up taking this in the future, and how many other developers jump on this to improve the end result.

IBM’s Great Trailer for the CityOne Game.

I’m not a huge gamer on my computer. I don’t own a PS3, or a Wii, or an X-Box. It’s just not my thing, and I always seem to busy to find time to play games. I have Scrabble on my iPad and a couple of time wasters which I play when traveling, or if I am just hanging out, but like I said I am not a huge gamer.

One thing I do appreciate is great design in gaming, and great game visuals, and that is why I love this video teaser for IBM’s CityOne game due out later this year. If the game graphics are anywhere close to this I might be convinced to play it. That said, that isn’t what caught my eye with this video. What I am digging is the overall look.

I love the type treatment through out the video clip, and I really love the fake  tilt shift look that has been added. The whole thing has this great atmosphere that is highlighted by the ominous music that plays through the piece. Towards the end, the video converts to a drawn cartooned look that is every bit as compelling as the 3D rendering at the beginning of the clip. I would play this game if the graphics at the end were the same as the final game graphics. Anyway this video clip demonstrates an excellent use of 3D graphics, and post production techniques that hooked me. Great visuals and audio, nice typography, and stylistically clean. Kudos to IBM on this one.

On another note, this game is a marketing piece for IBM’s innovation series on improving the planet with technology. This is a great way for IBM to advertise, and promote their agenda without being in your face. I’d like to see more companies try this approach, they might have a better success rate than using traditional media channels and mediums.