STANDERT a Coffee Loving Cycling Dream.

Having recently moved to a loft downtown, I am getting acquainted with the new building. One thing I am very aware of is the office/retail space that is currently vacant on the first floor. Since our building sits right next the footbridge that leads to bike trails, I was thinking it would be a perfect space for a bike shop. A friend of mine said it would be the perfect spot for a bike shop/coffee shop, and I can’t agree more. This got me to thinking about what that would look like, which led to me searching the web for similar spaces. What did I find? I found plenty, but one that stood out was Standert in Berlin.

This small footprint shop is located at Invalidenstraße 157 · 10115 Berlin. The small shop features full service bike service, sales, repairs, and equipment, plus a full service coffee and other tasty beverages. From the look of the photos, this is the kind of place I could seriously spend some time in. The cafe menu includes the cyclist beer Velosophe, as well as pastries, soups, bagels, homemade popsicles, coffee, tea, and a variety of espresso drinks.

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