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DeckPub, ePublishing Made Easy.

I’m on a big ePub, integrated publishing kick the last couple of days. I think it is because I am trying to get a couple of personal projects finished and published in both book, and ePub form. In the process of trying to figure out the ePublishing extensions for Adobe InDesign, I came across a pretty cool website that does what I need to do in just a few quick steps.

DeckPub is a template driven ePublishing system that lives on the web and produces some really wonderful results. It’s fast, and easy to use, and while it might not be as robust as a native iPad app it produces solid useable results. In addition to publishing, DeckPub offers statistics and analytics to track traffic, page views, linger time, and click through rates.

DeckPub is still in beta but it shows promise, and looks like it would be a perfect fit for light ePublishing, especially for things like slide decks, product presentations, look books etc.