Gigabit Fiber Network

Google Fiber… Finally.

Anyone that is into technology, or keeping up with Google Fiber, today was the day the roll out was announced. At some point in the near future, hopefully I’ll be rocking the gigabit fiber network and can send both Time Warner Cable and Direct TV packing. What Google announced today really is a pretty stellar deal. For 120 bucks a month I get ultra high speed internet, 500 HD TV channels, a terabyte of cloud based storage, and a Nexus 7 tablet.

After 3 years of just god awful service from Time Warner, rate hikes and hollow threats from Direct TV, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Frankly I can’t wait to pull the plug on both of these services and move on to a better, brighter future. To my friends in the surrounding communities that are not part of the initial roll out, be patient it is rolling your way next. In the mean time, you can come by my house any time and share my fiber.


Google Brings Gigabit Fiber to Kansas City Kansas!

OK, I am a little blown away by the announcement that Google is bringing gigabit fiber to Kansas City, Kansas. Actually I am ecstatic. This is a huge development for KCK. The fact that Google is going to roll out and test its high-speed gigabit fiber network here is huge, and the fact that they are going to provide it to everyone that lives in the city is outstanding.

We beat out over 1000 cities across the country to get this, and what it came down to was the city government, and the board of utilities.

“The wonderful diversity of our community, neighborhoods and industry make Kansas City, Kansas., a microcosm for the rest of the country. When you combine these assets with our well-established track record of development partnerships, we feel Kansas City, Kansas., is the perfect location for Google to launch its fiber project.”

Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government Joe Reardon.

Google plans to offer the service to KCK residents beginning in 2012, and will  be providing free access to schools and city facilities as the fiber network is deployed. There is no word on the pricing structure for residents yet, and frankly I don’t care. If it costs 100 bucks a month for gigabit internet access, as long as I never have to utter the words Time Warner Cable again.

According to Google, they will provide a 1 gigabit per second fiber straight to homes and businesses at a competitive price. That connection speed is up to be 100 times faster than almost all broadband connections connections.and about 100,000 times faster than Road Runner on a good day. One of Google’s goals is to improve Internet access by observing how communities transition from traditional broadband to ultra high-speed fiber optic connections. And Kansas City, Kansas is an ideal location to do just that.

“This project represents the future of how we connect to the Web, and we want it to start in Kansas City. It is a real honor for Google to be here, and we will work hard to deliver a service that will delight and empower this community to lead the nation forward in broadband.”

Milo Medin, vice president for Access Services at Google.