The GoPro HERO3 Makes Me Wish I Was a Kid Again.

For anyone that might have been living on a deserted island or under a rock for the last few years, GoPro is the tiny camera that introduced the world to point of view action video. If you don’t know the name, I guarantee you’ve seen footage shot on this camera.

To introduce the new GoPro HERO3, they have put together a pretty spectacular 5 minute short featuring footage shot on the new unit. I don’t own a GoPro, but I want this one for sure. Now I just need to take up skydiving, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, skatebording, roller blading, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, alligator wrestling and a variety of other death defying sports.


Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground… San Francisco.

Quite possibly one of the best car chase sequences ever filmed is the seven minute chase in Steve McQueen’s movie “Bullitt”. The sequence below comes close though. Technically this isn’t a car chase. It is simply a very skilled race car driver devouring the streets of San Francisco at high speed in a rally car. This is however a really great piece of shooting, editing, and sound design for DC Shoes.

I’ve watched this about 15 times, and I have lost count of the number of edits in this. There is combined footage from at least 6 GoPro cameras, plus footage from the air, the street, and buildings. Portions of it are over clocked for some spectacular slow-mo shots, and there are a couple of really great dolly moves as well. While this probably has 14 year old boys everywhere peeing themselves and dreaming of driving like this, the editing is of this short is what gives it an edge.

I can’t even imagine what it cost DC to pull this off. They shut down the bay bridge and a huge chunk of San Francisco’s roads to get all of this footage.